Your Tweet Can Be A Form of Resilience.

As we wrote in the previous blog post below, we are using social media as a way to organize a global literacy rally through technology. As proven by recent events demonstrated by the natural disasters in Haiti, to the current social protests in Egypt, technology has proven to be an impactful tool in spreading the message on a social or political issue. In Kenya, social media technology allows for the quick mapping of violence reports in Kenya after the post-election unrest in 2008. Reports of violence and of peace efforts could be placed via the web or mobile phone, allowing the world instantaneous access to information, and the ability to map where the crisis is happening.

As this proves, tweets and Facebook Updates can be a real form of resilience. Our words can have the ability to have a widespread reach, have the ability to reach thousands. When joined together, our voices can galvanize to make the impossible happen. Let us all keep this in mind as we prepare to stand for global literacy, in support of the 774 million people in the world who do not enjoy the right to read or write. Let us choose to use our words to ignite.

We hope you will join us on March 9, 2011. Suggestions for social media participation can be found in the post below.