The Brooklyn Friends School Book Donation!

LitWorld would like to thank the Brooklyn Friends School for their amazing book donation!  After celebrating World Read Aloud Day in March, the Brooklyn Friends School community decided to take it a step further and organize a book drive in an effort to support LitWorld’s mission.  Led by Amanda Welch, a kindergarten teacher at Brooklyn Friends, bright posters were hung around the lower school and book collecting stations were set up, as well as adding an ad in the school’s weekly e-newsletter. 


With donations from students, families, faculty members, the lower school curriculum coordinator, and the kindergarten Library, the grand total came to almost 450 books!  The LitWorld team was amazed to see that the Brooklyn Friends community even carefully bundled the books into colorful bags organized by genre and reading level, and even personalized them with thoughtful notes on each made by the Kindergarten classes and their teachers.

A few weeks ago, several bags of these books were taken to LitWorld’s Family Story Power Project celebration at the Harlem Children’s Zone. Each child who participated in the program proudly picked a bag of their choice to bring home, full of books to read with their families. 


The connection formed between the students of Brooklyn and Harlem through this access to materials is truly an amazing one, and illustrates the pure joy that literacy can provide!