LitWorld's New Friend: The First Grader, Coming to a Theater Near You

LitWorld is proud to announce a new partnership with the extraordinary film: The First Grader, coming May 13 to a theater near you!

We are thrilled to collaborate with the creators of this powerful film to spread a message we share:  Access for all to education.

In a small, remote, primary school in the Kenyan bush, hundreds of children are jostling for a chance for the free education newly promised by the Kenyan government. Kimani Maruge causes astonishment when he knocks on the door of the school. He is 84 years old and he is desperate to learn to read. Full of vitality and humor, The First Grader explores the remarkable relationships Maruge builds with classmates some 80 years his junior.

The story is a triumphant testimony to the transforming force of education and the ability of a dedicated teacher to shape lives.

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