I Stand Up for Women Athletes - Girls LitClub Member and LitWorld Teen Intern Tiffany Collins Featured on Huffington Post

I was on the track team in my high school for three years, and was one of the best girls on the team. Even though I was a great runner, my coach would always pay attention to the boys because of how fast they were, and because the boys got so much attention they would improve, and then get even more attention.

All the girls were dissatisfied with our coach because he would never help us with drills or give us feedback on what to improve upon. I was so annoyed with the way the coach was leading the team because it's supposed to be your team and your family, not just a boy team. My friends saw how furious I was, and how I wanted to leave the team. One friend said, "Don't let your coach shoot your dreams away, run for what you love and don't leave the team." I knew she was right and that it was finally time to speak up.

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