I Stand Up for Equality In the Classroom - LitWorld Teen Intern and Girls LitClub Member Featured on Huffington Post

The issue of equality in the classroom keeps me motivated because in my high school, teachers treated girls and boys very differently. Boys were more depended on because teachers thought they didn't get emotionally attached to things like girls did. Teachers thought boys made wiser decisions than girls, so no one asked what we thought. It was assumed that the boys were just smarter. This inequality made me feel disgusted. I was in the classroom, too -- I wanted to learn. They just shooed me away, all because I was a girl.

The school I attended had a lot more boy students than girls. I specifically studied computer science, and there were not many girls in this area. In my Java Script class, my teacher saw how I could multitask, helping others and doing my own work, and he noticed that the coding was too easy for me. Because of my success in this class, he put me in the AP Computer Science class, which he taught also.

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