October News for You: Make Every Girl Known

The International Day of the Girl is this Saturday, October 11th. Our LitWorld youth leaders in Pakistan, India, Kenya, Ghana, Haiti, the Philippines, Uganda, Colombia, Peru, Rwanda, Kosovo, Nepal, Jordan and the United States are ready to stand up with their communities. Join them.

524 Million Reasons to Stand Up

Two thirds of the world's illiterate people are women and girls. On Saturday, stand up for these 524 million untold stories. Stand up in honor of a woman or girl whose stories have inspired your life. Because oh how our world will change when every girl can read, write and tell us her story. 

The LitWorld website has everything you need to Stand Up for Girls, including sample social media posts, activity sheets, event planning tips and the Stand Up for Girls sign. You can also make an online donation and directly impact girls around the world by giving them the opportunity to join a LitClub.


On the Ground in Jordan: News from the Field

Last month we traveled to Jordan to visit our programs. Our newest LitClub in Amman is growing every week. In the Za'atari Syrian refugee camp, our local partner We Love Reading told us that library use in the community has more than doubled, and the children and families are immersing themselves in their new community of reading and writing. 

We also held a training session with our local program leaders. During a discussion about the LitWorld 7 Strengths, each woman shared her personal definition of the strengths. Zain spoke about hope, sharing how in her mind hope is the opposite of desperation and essential to the human spirit. Heba added that what she wants for children is to have hopes and dreams that they have the courage to pursue.


Forbes Features LitWorld & Pam Allyn

LitWorld's impact through LitClubs was featured in Forbes Magazine, with a beautiful reflection from a LitClub graduate, Stephanie, who was in the program for 5 years. The article features the launch of the 10,000 Global Girls Initiative, our collaboration with Global Girls Rising.

"Beyond educating girls across the globe, though, LitWorld offers something perhaps even more valuable: a safe, open community for girls where they are free to be themselves and invest in their own futures, without fear of retribution or embarrassment."

Click here to read the article.