Forbes Features LitWorld's 10,000 Girls Initiative

LitWorld is renowned for our innovative approach to literacy learning. As the International Day of the Girl approaches we are rallying the world to Stand Up for Girls and unite around the life-saving power of literacy. This year we launched the 10,000 Girls Initiative with our partner Global Girls Rising and our grassroots partners around the world. Forbes interviewed the LitWorld team and LitClub members about our game-changing program.

"According to UNESCO, 793 million adults worldwide cannot read, and of them, 64% of them are women. But if the team at LitWorld — a U.S.-based nonprofit that facilitates on-the-ground mentoring campaigns to fight illiteracy around the world — has a say, that number will disappear — no matter how long it takes.

World-wide illiteracy rates are startling, especially for girls (for starters, only 30% of girls in the world are enrolled in secondary school). And while it’s common for Westerners to consider illiteracy isolated to the developing world, the issue knows no race or ethnicity; in fact, 14% of adults in the United States cannot read, according to the U.S. Department of Education, National Institute of Literacy."

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