Make World Read Aloud Day a Family Celebration with Read2Me Tonight

World Read Aloud Day powerfully unites families, schools and local organizations as a supportive community of champions for the healthy learning lives of children. We are proud to announce the Orajel Read2Me Tonight campaign as a family sponsor of World Read Aloud Day.

Read2Me Tonight is a newly launched campaign to reclaim the sacred bedtime hour for reading aloud and storytelling. Caring for the health of children’s learning lives is just as important as caring for their dental and overall health, and reading aloud adds another layer of joy and togetherness to nightly family rituals.

To celebrate the launch of Read2Me Tonight during World Read Aloud Day season, Orajel has created a special e-book, The Three Bees, and an ultimate guide of 100 Best Read Aloud Books. Visit the Read2Me Tonight site to download these fun resources, and to take a read aloud challenge that you won’t want to miss!

Rev up your read aloud tonight!