March News for You: A Global Summit to Launch the HerStory Campaign

LitWorld & Global G.L.O.W. Launch the HerStory Campaign

The HerStory Campaign is a joint initiative from LitWorld and Global G.L.O.W. to inspire girls and support them in creating lives of freedom and fulfillment. Fueled by the extraordinary stories of women and girls, the HerStory Campaign is working in 25 countries to illuminate girls’ lives and amplify their voices in the global discourse on gender equity. Through a powerful blend of program content and engaged media outreach, the HerStory Campaign takes great strides toward the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

The Global HerStory Summit

To formally launch the HerStory Campaign, LitWorld and Global G.L.O.W. are hosting our first Global HerStory Summit, bringing together over 50 young women and mentors from around the world and across the United States for story-sharing workshops, mentorship sessions and quintessential New York City experiences. The Global HerStory Summit coincides with the United Nations 60th Annual Commission on the Status of Women and will culminate with a HerStory presentation to the U.N. by LitWorld, Global G.L.O.W. and NEWI, a key partner for the HerStory Campaign in Kenya. Ahead of the Global HerStory Summit, young women leaders from LitWorld and Global G.L.O.W. presented the HerStory Campaign at U.N. Women's Youth Forum to share ideas and innovations with passionate youth who are leading social change in their home communities.

A Special Global HerStory Summit Invitation

You are warmly invited to join LitWorld, Global G.L.O.W. and NEWI to hear young women from our programs around the world present the HerStory Campaign at the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women.

Tuesday, March 22
12:30-1:30 PM
Salvation Army Auditorium
221 East 52nd Street
New York City