Girls Clubs Are Growing In Kenya


Our LitWorld Girls Club in Kibera, Kenya, confidently dance to Waka Waka in front of 500 people at the Children of Kibera Foundation Music festival!

And that's not all the good news we have from Kenya: Last Friday, LitWorld and Executive Director Pam Allyn launched a video chat training on Skype for four schools in Kisumu, Kenya to launch Girls Clubs there. The young women at Kisumu have a high rate of early pregnancy, drop out, and abuse, so it is imperative to create girls empowerment programs to inspire and bring extra care and support to Kisumu's young women. Each school that participated in the Skype video chat has about 1,000 students and 22 teachers PER school. We cannot wait to grow the Girls Club movement in Kenya, and hope you'll all join us along for the journey ahead.