CHANGE IS IN THE AIR: LitWorld Is Sending a Plane Filled with School Supplies to Students in Iraq!

LitWorld is determined to accomplish a great feat this October. We are filling an empty plane with school supplies to send off to students in Iraq, but we need your help! Please help us fill the plane by donating a few dollars to the cause. Every little bit counts!


$5 buys 50 ballpoint pens

$10 buys 6 brand new notebooks

$20 buys 288 pencils

You can find donation information through this link here. You can also bring your donations in person to LitWorld’s benefit concert in New York on October 16th! Check out more information on the concert here.

With your donations, October can be the month where we can see that change is truly in the air. Thank you so much in advance for supporting our cause. Now let's fill this plane!