Poem: "Iraqi Sky", by Girls Club Harlem Team Leader Ruby Veridiano

Hello friends! This is Ruby, leader of the Harlem Girls Club at Polo Grounds. In honor of LitWorld's "Change is in the Air" campaign to send a plane filled with school supplies to students in Iraq, I wanted to share a poem I wrote for Iraqi peace activist Farah Abrahim.

Farah at the Church Center for the UN

Last month, I was paired up with Farah to translate her story through poem for the International Day of Peace event at the Church Center for the United Nations. I listened to her story, and asked her to give me a list of words that describe her childhood. This poem is my humble offertory in celebration and gratitude for her work fighting and standing for peace.

Iraqi Sky

In America I long to remember what an Iraqi sky looks like at dawn

If in the brim of the sun’s rising, it enjoys a quiet peace

Does it sigh after the smoke unravels like ribbons

Like spirits ascending to be set free

In Iraq, prayer is an anthem draped across a battlefield