A Message from Our Sisters in Kenya

Kibera like any other slum in the world harbours people of questionable characters. The life of a girl child is at risk here. Despite these girls having one or no parent at all and living at the mercies of well-wishes, they also have no deal with the risk of defilement and rape. They also have no idea what their rights are as children.

It is for this reasons that Pam Allyn, the founder of the Litworld came up with the idea of staring this club to help the girls realize that their place isn’t just in the kitchen. That they can brave all challenges and change this stereotyping.

Pilot girls from Red-rose Children Centre embraced this club and their wish to get to know what other girls around Kibera go through made us include girl s from other schools. The club whose operation commenced on 9th of April 2010 has so far had girls open up to talk about their personal life and experience.

Our first session was about “self awareness." Girl drew and made pictures of themselves and listed things they like and don’t like about themselves.

This was followed by a series of sessions on how to deal with anger and sexual abuse. On sexual abuse we talked to girls on what they should do in case of this, we also got a Children of KiberaFoundation Scholar, Abiba to talk about her journey to gaining a scholarship and the challenges she faced as a girl.

As the saying goes idle mind is a devil’s workshop. This is also to ensure that our girls are not idle. To end this one month’s journey, we took them to Nairobi Arboretum as an outdoor mental and physical activity. They sure had fun.

Our next sessions to be held on 8th and 10th May 2010 will be about health and sanitation. Everyone out there are welcomed to share with the girls.