Self-Confidence and Fruit Pops Make Goodbyes a Little Easier

Summer in New York City has just begun, but with every new beginning what was before comes to an end.

Our first LitWorld Girls Club in NYC had its final session before summer vacation today. The workshop flew by, though it was no shorter than any other lunch time session at Girls Prep. Our superwoman intern, Madison, came up with the amazing idea to have the girls write each other "self-confidence poems."

Each girl wrote her name at the top of a sheet of brightly colored paper. Then we passed them around and each girl wrote one positive thing about the girl whose name was at the top of the paper. We kept passing the poems around the circle until each girl had a paper with her own name on it and a beautiful "poem" listing all the things that make her special to her clubmates.

The girls loved giving compliments to their friends as much as they enjoyed reading their poems at the end. And of course the fruit pops we passed around at the end were a big hit!

When I reminded them that this was our last session before summer vacation, their little faces fell. But of course, they reminded me, it wasn't goodbye it was only see you later. We'll be back in action in just two short months!

Until then, I'll miss the girls but I know they're cherishing the lessons and experiences we had together, and so am I!