The Knights Kenya Creates Bonds With Girls

All the girls engaged in an approximately 20 minute’s session to answer the questions in the Index Survey. From what we could gather, most of the girls are scared of being a girl because of what is going around their neighborhood such as rape cases.

However, there were some who were proud of being a girl and were looking forward to being influential in the community with very many kids to take care of.

Some hope to be leaders of tomorrow so that they could stop corruption in Kenya since corruption was the backbone of all evils in the society. Some wished to be successful so that they could change the living conditions of the people living in the slums.

When asked about what they hoped to learn at the Litworld Girls Club, most of them said that they hoped to learn how to be a role model in the community, how to cope with problems that they are facing in the slums, how to assist other girls who are in problems, how to become useful to the community, and others wished to interact and share ideas with other Litworld Girls Club Members.

Thank you to Olivia of the Knights Kenya for sending us your photos and updates. We are inspired by the work you and your girls are doing!