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Knights Kenya Girls LitClub Celebrate Womanhood!

On 2nd December 2011, The KNIGHTS Kenya organized an end year conference for the Girls Club with the theme “Enhancing Self Esteem through Self Identity”. Self Esteem is one of the Seven Strengths learned in the Litworld Curriculum. As a Facilitator, we realized that many girls have low self-esteem, and we thought that it would be wise to organize an activity that would help them work on enhancing their self esteem.

We invited amazing women of the community as our special guests. For a special activity, the girls modeled both their Casual and Traditional Costumes.  This session was in line with the theme of the conference “Enhancing Self Esteem through Self Identity.” The girls encouraged the others by show-casing their self confidence during their modeling.

Then, the Girls Club presented a poem entitled “Mon Ma Kawuono” , translated as “Women of Today”. This poem encourages oung girls to get their priorities right as they grow up and perform their daily chores. It advises the girls not to fall prey to the needs of the worldly items, but instead, concentrate on being productive and successful in all that they do.

We also had some amazing motivational speakers to inspire the girls. It is our wish to organize this activity yearly, which would help the girls realize and develop their talents. We also wish to thank everybody who attended and contributed towards the success of this event, which made the girls very happy and positive as they went on break for the December Christmas holidays.

This entry was submitted by our partner organization, Knights Kenya.

The Knights Kenya Creates Bonds With Girls

All the girls engaged in an approximately 20 minute’s session to answer the questions in the Index Survey. From what we could gather, most of the girls are scared of being a girl because of what is going around their neighborhood such as rape cases.

However, there were some who were proud of being a girl and were looking forward to being influential in the community with very many kids to take care of.

Some hope to be leaders of tomorrow so that they could stop corruption in Kenya since corruption was the backbone of all evils in the society. Some wished to be successful so that they could change the living conditions of the people living in the slums.

When asked about what they hoped to learn at the Litworld Girls Club, most of them said that they hoped to learn how to be a role model in the community, how to cope with problems that they are facing in the slums, how to assist other girls who are in problems, how to become useful to the community, and others wished to interact and share ideas with other Litworld Girls Club Members.

Thank you to Olivia of the Knights Kenya for sending us your photos and updates. We are inspired by the work you and your girls are doing!

The Knights Kenya Launch Girls Clubs at the Spurgeon School

We are happy to share these touching photos of the girls the Spurgeon School in Kenya having one of the first Girls Clubs meetings. Our partner there, The Knights Kenya, has made these gatherings possible. Special thanks to our friend Olivia for making this work happen.

Find out more about The Knights Kenya here.

The Girls learning the Seven Strengths

We look forward to hearing more of what's to come from The Knights Kenya. Looks like a great start!