LitWorld Girls Clubs in Kisumu, Kenya Stand Up for Girls!

On this day they thank our parents, guardians, siblings and well wishers who are taking care of them to ensure that they come to school, feed and have a shelter. They girls were asked to be grateful where they are right now and aim higher.

Each teacher then gave a personal account of how it was back then when she was a girl their age.  It was quiet interesting to note that although we grew up in different environment, we more or less had the same dreams and aspirations. What was noted – your teacher, your greatest inspiration.  We, the teachers, pledged to STAND UP FOR GIRLS! We will support the girls around us positively in every way we possibly can.  

Ms. Sawala from Amilo primary school graced the occasion and then spent some time inspiring the students to work hard in their studies, aspire for greater things in life. She spoke about her life in school and how to be a girl is beautiful. The facilitators and l also got inspired.

The girls demonstrating how they use their solar lanters. The solar lanterns are part of the Lit! Project, a project of youth ambassador Ben Hirschfeld.

We want to send a special thank you to our colleague, Lois, for making this happen on the ground in Kisumu, and to our partners at Millenium Cities Initiative for helping us make the Girls Clubs in Kisumu, Kenya, happen!