Girls Clubs Kisumu

Kisumu LitClubs Receive Laptop Donations!

Through our partnership with the Millennium City Initiative, we are able to support Girls LitClubs at Kodiaga and Magadi primary schools in Kisumu, Kenya. Recently, they received their laptop donations, which they will use to conduct more trainings for teachers, and to use to enhance programming for the LitClubs! We are thrilled that they now have another resource to create a positive learning environment for their youth! We thank Lois and Beldina in Kisumu, Kenya, for all of their work!

LitWorld Girls Clubs in Kisumu, Kenya Stand Up for Girls!

On this day they thank our parents, guardians, siblings and well wishers who are taking care of them to ensure that they come to school, feed and have a shelter. They girls were asked to be grateful where they are right now and aim higher.

Each teacher then gave a personal account of how it was back then when she was a girl their age.  It was quiet interesting to note that although we grew up in different environment, we more or less had the same dreams and aspirations. What was noted – your teacher, your greatest inspiration.  We, the teachers, pledged to STAND UP FOR GIRLS! We will support the girls around us positively in every way we possibly can.  

Ms. Sawala from Amilo primary school graced the occasion and then spent some time inspiring the students to work hard in their studies, aspire for greater things in life. She spoke about her life in school and how to be a girl is beautiful. The facilitators and l also got inspired.

The girls demonstrating how they use their solar lanters. The solar lanterns are part of the Lit! Project, a project of youth ambassador Ben Hirschfeld.

We want to send a special thank you to our colleague, Lois, for making this happen on the ground in Kisumu, and to our partners at Millenium Cities Initiative for helping us make the Girls Clubs in Kisumu, Kenya, happen!

Girls Clubs in Kisumu, Kenya Receive Their Solar Lanterns!

Our Girls Clubs in Kisumu, Kenya recently received solar lanterns from our youth ambassador, Ben Hirschfeld, who started the LIT! project. The educators in Kisumu believe that the solar lanterns will go a long way to help the students read and do their homework back at home.

Our Girls Club liaison in Kenya, Lois, had this to say:

"I gave the Litworld Clubs at Nanga and Migosi their lanterns and will visit the remaining two schools tomorrow. The girls are very happy!  Sharon said her mother will be pleased to receive the lantern and today supper may be early for she will not have to hurry and buy paraffin. Catherine, also from Nanga Primary, was excited as she turned over the lantern and asked her friend to join her for studies at home."

Check out the photos below!

Here's to a BRIGHT future ahead for girls all over the world!

Nanga Girls Club in Kisumu Kenya Skype with LitWorld in NYC!

Last week, the Nanga Girls Club in Kisumu, Kenya, skyped with LitWorld team member Jen Estrada, and as you can see from the photos, they were so excited!

Lois Owiti, their facilitator, said that though it was long past their time to go home, they stayed on to chat. They will miss Jen, and will always remember her from her last visit. 

They sang together through the computer screen, teaching other new songs. We love bonds across the oceans, which technology makes possible!

A Message from Lois Owiti, Our Girls Club partner in Kisumu, Kenya

Dear LitWorld,
It is with such humility that l say ASANTE SANA. You came. You saw. You conquered our hearts with your love, sincere care, and affection for the work that you do- to spread the gospel of LITWORLD family.  The energy and time-  you gave it your all, and to your team- EROKAMANO (thank you-luo).


During the first day, I came down with some terrible allergy, but you made me feel great despite my pain and how uncomfortable l felt, and all went well.


During the second day, I was touched by the response from the mothers. And remember the one father who came? They listened and you felt the change that is coming. All we need to do is follow-up sessions. Wow!  There was so much learning going on.


Bless you all who made this training a success, to the facilitators, our friends from Bugoma and Amilo, teachers at Migosi, and the dear children, who left the session feeling greatly loved. Let's move forward and impact the lives of these little children, they have HOPE that we will make that happen.


To the entire team that came, words cannot describe how we feel here in Kisumu, l pray that we put all that we discussed into practice and by the end of this year we should celebrate our achievements. Yes, we can do this.


Travel safely and hope to see you again!

-Written by Lois Owiti

Photos of Nanga Primary School Girls Club in Kisumu, Kenya

The LitWorld Girls Club facilitators sent over these brand new photos of the girls at the Nanga Primary School in Kenya, and we are thrilled to share them with you. The facilitators reported that the girls have become more confident, and are glowing with a new sense of determination. Members of our LitWorld team are headed to Kenya this Friday and will meet these wonderful girls firsthand. We can't wait to see those photos, but until then, enjoy these wonderful images!

Special thank you again to LitWorld Girls Club facilitators, Helen and Florence!

Writings from Nanga Primary School, Kenya

Florence and Helen, LitWorld Girls Club facilitators at one of the 4 Girls Club sites in Kisumu, Kenya, graciously sent us some writings from their girls, and we are thrilled to see how beautifully they write. They are learning expressions of our seven stengths, all the while writing with courage and determination.

As one of the girls write, "We are bright pupils, like stars in the sky. We know that hard work pays, so we put more effort in our school work becuase we hope for a brighter future. For our dreams, we would like to be lawyers, doctors, newscasters, and presidents."

We are very proud to share their words, as they are devoted to their roles as learners and future leaders, determined to reach their fullest potential!

New Girls Clubs Launch in Kisumu, Kenya!


Above: Kisumu Teachers on their Skype Training with LitWorld Staff

In partnership with the Millennium Cities Initiative, LitWorld has trained a group of educators to launch several Girls Clubs in the city of Kisumu, Kenya. Millennium Cities Initiative (MCI) is a project of the Earth Institute, Columbia University, that assists sub-Saharan cities in their efforts to make severe poverty a thing of the past. MCI also works to empower women of the community, and has linked us here at LitWorld with a wonderful group of educators who have dedicated their time to working with the young women in their local town. We are excited to launch these girls clubs in Kisumu!


The new Kisumu Girls Clubs have also received a mini-grant through LitWorld, which greatly helped in securing the supplies the Girls Clubs would need (pens, notebooks, art supplies, etc.).


Our Girls Clubs need support to get materials to the places they are needed most. To help sponsor a Girls Club, send an inquiry to or make a donation on our Global Giving page.

*Special thanks to LitWorld Programming Director, Jen Estrada, for leading the trainings, with help from Alyssa Dudzik and Ruby Veridiano.