Girls Clubs in Kisumu, Kenya Receive Their Solar Lanterns!

Our Girls Clubs in Kisumu, Kenya recently received solar lanterns from our youth ambassador, Ben Hirschfeld, who started the LIT! project. The educators in Kisumu believe that the solar lanterns will go a long way to help the students read and do their homework back at home.

Our Girls Club liaison in Kenya, Lois, had this to say:

"I gave the Litworld Clubs at Nanga and Migosi their lanterns and will visit the remaining two schools tomorrow. The girls are very happy!  Sharon said her mother will be pleased to receive the lantern and today supper may be early for she will not have to hurry and buy paraffin. Catherine, also from Nanga Primary, was excited as she turned over the lantern and asked her friend to join her for studies at home."

Check out the photos below!

Here's to a BRIGHT future ahead for girls all over the world!