LitWorld Programs Launch at Kodhiambo and Amilo Primary Schools

The Golden Girls Foundation has officially launched LitClub programming at Kodhiambo and Amilo Primary Schools in Kisumu County, Kenya! The program was received with a lot of enthusiasm.

During our very first session, we talked about the strength of "Belonging." It was an extremely appropriate place to start our new experience together. For these little girls, this was the first time they could read a book loudly, without fear of being laughed at. It was the first time they had access to their OWN pens and pencils to write with, their own note books to express themselves, and of course the feeling of Belonging, the sense of sisterhood.

The first activity encouraged the girls to speak in English, which until now they had only learned in school in a theory-based way. Of course, at first they were shy, but as the session picked up... their giggles turned to open smiles, and by the time we were singing the "Goodbye Song," they were all asking for more time to be added to the LitClub session.

Thank you, Litworld Team. A real difference has been brought to the lives of these young girls in a humble village at Miwani Division, Kisumu County, Kenya.

--Submitted by Girls LitClub Facilitator Golda