The Kibera Boys LitClub: Confident Explorers

Everyone has a desire to feel valued. As human beings we are always in the pursuit of feeling worthy, a feeling that comes when we gain self confidence. It is to this effect that the Boys LitClub in Kibera tackled Confidence, one of LitWorld's Seven Strengths.

This session was aimed at improving their self esteem, and in turn increasing the value they place upon themselves. As a number of the older boys are preparing to sit for their national exam, it was in order for them get a few tips on the ways to tackle the challenge ahead of them with confidence. They also filled out self-esteem assessment tests to gauge their levels of self-worth.

Meanwhile, the younger LitClub members took part in an activity that was coordinated by the founders of the Cookbook Project, Alisa Bellifield and Adam Aronovitz. The duo had previously visited the LitClubs and taught the boys healthy dietary habits. On this day, they planted various seeds to grow highly nutritious plants. They also learned about the nutritional value of the plants that will soon sprout from the tiny cans. "We hope to enjoy the fruits of our labor soon," said one of the boys.