The Kibera Girls LitClub: A Little Appreciation Goes a Long Way

We had an interesting session with the girls this beautiful Sunday afternoon. During this session we appreciated our friends. On pieces of paper that went around the classroom, the girls wrote down what they appreciate about their friends.

At the end of the exercise everybody got back their piece of paper filled with beautiful compliments from their friend and sisters, showing them how special, how unique, how blessed, how big, wonderful and awesome they are.

It was a treasured moment for the girls; this fueled them with positivity and boosted their confidence levels. The girls were so eager to share with each other as well as with us (their Facilitators and friends). They learned that affection though words is a powerful way to express appreciation. A simple act of graciousness and appreciation is so important. The loving words showed each girl how much their friends and new friends value them.

--Submitted by Girls LitClub Facilitator Prisca