Expanding Our Sisterhood: A Special Day for the Accra Girls LitClub

This week the girls of the Elim School LitClub in Accra, Ghana had the opportunity to visit the Christ Faith Foster home in the Frafraha community near Accra. It was a wonderful feeling as we expressed many of the LitWorld Seven Strengths, especially Kindness and Sisterhood.

It was a really fun and fulfilling time for us as we made new friends, and found new sisters. We told them about Girls LitClubs, read stories together, and sang our Hello and Goodbye songs with them.

Perhaps the most touching part of this trip for us was the opportunity to share and express kindness. Our LitClub saved a small amount of money and used it to buy books for our sisters to encourage reading, but also to share the magic of the stories we love. We also thank the Gyberg Glazing Company and Woeldon Logistics, two Ghanaian businesses that supported our initiatives by donating food and clothing to the home.  

The girls who live at the Christ Faith Foster home are eager to have their own LitClub, and we have accepted the challenge to give them the Girls LitClub experience! The administrators of the home could not hide their joy as they spoke kindly about the gesture and joined us to sing and read.

Our girls are excited about the activity, a LitClub member says, "I have enjoyed spending time with my new sister Evelyn. We have told each other about ourselves and I will love us to come back to this home soon, so i can see her more often, I am very happy I came here."

The LitClub has indeed received much commendation for the special way it promotes literacy, community interaction and sense of self.

--Submitted by Girls LitClub Facilitator Emefa