Young Women in Kibera Identify their Stand on Social Issues

This past Sunday, The LitClub girls here in Kibera started on the topic of kindness, which in many cultures and religions is recognized as a value and is very important for people to be kind to each other, something I think is important for the girls to learn, big acts or small acts of good are valuable because they shape a persons character. During this past lesson we had so much fun exploring kindness in the different ways as the girls got the opportunity to think about life outside their own communities. They all had different thoughts on the different issues that affect us in our world today.


They got to look at different photographs from different magazines and picked photographs that represented their thoughts and later on put their thoughts in to words. It was such an inspiration to read as well as listen all the ideas they wrote down in their personal journals as they shared them with the class, at the end of the session they learned how to practice random acts of kindness.

Surely the children are our future; they have the most beautiful hearts and will no doubt have a positive effect in their community.