I Love Me Posters


The day couldn’t have been more perfect for the Girls LitClub. It was sunny and the girls looked
fresh and excited!

We started off with a couple of ice breakers and games just to have the girls relaxed and cormfortable. We then had the girls display their unique moves, talents and great personalities when we did the “bull frog”. It was so much fun and they shared lots of laughter as each of the girls flaunted her special "bull frog' move.

 We shared the great inspiring story of Jessica Cox, a young 25 year old lady who was born without arms. Jessica did not give up on her hopes and dreams but believed in herself and achieved her dreams of being a pilot. The girls were greatly inspired and they really opened up about their dreams, wishes and even their fears. It was a lovely session.


We then had a self-esteem activity, where the girls got to make “I Love Me" posters. This activity aimed to have the girls view themselves and their lives positively and beautifully. They embraced the different parts of their lives such as hopes, dreams, family and careers. They also got to view themselves and express their personal strengths and what they absolutely love about themselves. This activity entailed a lot of reflection and fun as they got to decorate and personalize their posters.     

We wrapped it up with another round of bullfrog; the girls had loved it so much and wanted to do it again! We got to see more moves and share more great moments of unending laughter!!
It was a beautiful day, couldn’t have been more perfect! Untill next time…

Submitted by our Girls LitClub facilitator in Kibera, Prisca