The Accra Girls LitClub Comes Together as Sisters


We began the meeting with the Hello song to warm up our voices and to create a sisterly environment. Then we played the name game to welcome four new LitClub members and we did an informal check-in. We each shared a funny moment that happened since our last meeting.

We read aloud a poem by Fredrick Douglas, "Love, Peace and Joy." As we dicussed the poem, the girls felt the poet was communicating an important message: We all need to work for peace, love and joy every day. Especially as a sister in the LitClub.

For our next activity, we discussed the different ways we are connected, and used LitWorld's Seven Strengths to think about our world in a new way. We each made a collage to express what the seven strengths mean to us. The girls' collages were touching and beautiful. 

We had a terrific time together and finished with a praise circle and sang the Farewell song, promising to see each other soon.


-- Submitted by Girls LitClub Facilitator Emefa