The Kibera Boys LitClub Explores the New Club Hub

It was a happy moment for the Boys LitClub on Sunday last week as they gathered at the new LitWorld Club Hub. The joy and enthusiasm the boys expressed about owning a new space showed that they are eager to make good use of these resources. 

The LitWorld Club Hub offers a library full of extraordinary children's literature, a computer lab and spacious TV room, and a clinic. This is a transforming space, within these walls, the Girls and Boys LitClubs will enhance their literacy levels, social skills, physcial skills and other knowledge such as computer and library use.

On the same day, the Boys Club received books and stationary generously donated by friends of the Children of Kibera Foundation, the Norton and Doddys families. Among the books were the Adventures of TinTin and Adventures of Asterix series. The stationary will be used during each session to create stories and art projects.

 ~ Jeff