Opening the New LitWorld Club Hub in Kibera


This past Sunday was very exciting for the LitClubs here in Kibera. We got to use our new space for the first time, it was so much fun! A lot was happening; the girls got a grand tour of their splendid and beautiful new center, a place for their imagination to run wild. They also got to read books from the wonderful new library, including those generously donated by the Doddy and Norton families.

We welcomed a special guest from the United States, Donna Fillman. She is visiting Kibera for the first time and is collecting the life stories of the residents to share with friends abroad. Donna was very open and she and the girls happily exchanged life stories. The girls were overjoyed to realize that sharing our experiences helps us feel connected to each other.

Winding up the day's session, we spent time creating amazing artwork. The girls made drawings and posters to decorate the walls of their new home, and to express how happy they were.

The environment definitely provides a setting that feels like a good place for them to be.


-- Submitted by Girls LitClub Facilitator Prisca