Exploring Possibilities and Launching Moms LitClubs in Kisumu

The Kisumu Girls LitClubs started the month of June with a trip to Kisumu Girls high school. By the time we arrived there was a lot of excitement amongst the girls. For the most of the eighty LitClub members on the trip, it was their first time visiting a high school.

In other exciting news, Moms LitClubs launched at two programming sites, the Magadi and Nanga Hubs. It was such a joy to know that the LitClub mothers were waiting in anticipation because they had heard of LitWorld, and though they didn't know exactly what it was all about, they wanted to be part of the work that brings their daughters so much joy. 

During our first meeting, there was a question and answer session with the LitClub Leaders and Regional Coordinator. Then we made a circle and sang songs while mothers and daughters took turns meeting in the center of the circle for a dance off!

The girls were so surprised that their mothers would actually have a dance competition with them. The Coordinator encouraged moms to spend more time with their girls because this goes a long way to creating and nurturing a bond that will strengthen during their teenage years, and last for years to come. There was a lot of laughter as jokes were cracked and the girls socialized with their mothers and with each other.

--Submitted by Phoebe, Girls LitClub Leader, Kisumu, Kenya