A Day of Mother-Daughter Fun for the Kisumu Girls LitClub

This week we had a very different and interesting LitClub session. The LitClub members called in their mothers to experience the LitWorld Club. The little girls' mothers came to the Golden Girls Foundation Women's Empowerment Centre from far and wide. We started our LitClub session as usual and taught the moms the "Hello Song" and how to play the name game.

Then we broke into groups to tell stories together. It was very interesting to realize that some of the women shared similar life experiences. We asked each group to write down their experiences and then we created a web, drawing lines to connect our commonalities.

Next it was time for a big game! We blindfolded some of the mothers and challenged them to reach a chair that was placed at a distance, some could reach and some could not. This demonstration was used to illustrate that it is important for the mothers who did not get an opportunity to read and write to encourage their children to grasp the opportunity to learn.

We finished the day by reading aloud to each other. It was a very lovely day and the mothers were also very happy to learn  and experience the activities that their daughters learn through the LitWorld Program. We hope to launch an official Moms LitClub soon! 

--Submitted by Golda, Girls LitClub Leader in Kisumu, Kenya