The Ziwani Girls and Boys LitClubs Visit the Kenya National Library

On July 13th, the Girls and Boys LitClubs of Ziwani, Kenya took a field trip to visith the Kenya National Library in Buruburu. On the way to Buruburu, our van was filled with laughter and all of the children were happy and joyful. Some shared stories while others enjoyed the scenery outside, and delighted in counting the number of cars our van overtook.

We arrived at the library in good time and the kids moods soared with anticipation as many of them had never been to a full-fledged academic library before. We were received by the librarian on duty and then LitClub leader and experienced librarian, Lesley Koyi, toured LitClubs around the various departments and answered the children's questions. The kids were shown both the adult section and children’s section and asked for time to sit down to read some of the books.

After a delicious lunch prepared by Angelina, the Director of the Single Mothers Association (the organization that hosts and runs the LitClub program in Ziwani), the day came to a close. The library management was impressed with the LitClubs and invited them to return to enjoy future activities and events.

--Submitted by Lesley Koyi, LitClub Leader