Meet LitWorld's First Pakistani Girls LitClub

          Local girls nervously entered the classroom with a parent to hear more about and potentially join our 
new LitClub for Girls. We had gone through the community in the weeks before to invite the girls and 
give an explanation of the LitClub we were planning to start. There were still lots of questions from 
parents about what exactly a “LitClub” was. They knew of schools, they knew of tutoring but having a 
club for girls to gather to practice reading, writing, and storytelling for fun is a new idea here. We were 
worried some parents would feel it was a waste of their daughter’s time but to our surprise every girl in 
the room got parental approval to join!
          After their parents left the girls were thrilled to hear that Ms. Aneela, our LitClub leader, was going to 
begin every class with a song, The Hello Song. English is a secondary but official language here so the 
girls were very attentive and curious to learn this song of greeting with which they would start each 
          The girls were shy at first but really come alive for Read Aloud every week. Only one or two of the girls 
have any form of casual reading in their house. Most families only have second hand school books and 
trade those every year to help pay for the next school years required books.

The girls look forward to coming every week and cherish the opportunity to sing, read, write, draw, and 
especially laugh as a group. Thank you LitWorld for your support in helping Seeds of Hope Foundation encourage these girls through the power of story.

-Submitted by Faraz, Programming Coordinator in Faisalabad, Pakistan