My Fourth Visit to Red Rose School in Nairobi, Kenya

At once I am shocked and humbled at the fact that this is now my fourth visit to Red Rose.  Every time I come I feel the contradiction of walking into a new place and coming home.  

It is amazing to witness the kids aging.  The year goes by so quickly, and to see their familiar faces grow and change so strikingly is such a surprise.  I return expecting the small to stay small, but here they are; growing into adolescents before my eyes.  I worry that their schooling will run out, especially for the girls who so often stop attending school past even 3rd grade, let alone the “Education For All” 6th grade requirement.  Red Rose is a special place in that it began with one grade and has made room to grow with that grade as the students themselves are aging.  They are now opening a 7th grade classroom.


- Annie