Story Power Camp Day 2, 11-12 year olds: J is for Joyful

Hi!  My name is Carey Hartman.  I’m going to be a third year at CUNY School of Law.  I’m interested in pursuing work in Education Policy and Literacy Advocacy.  I wanted to intern with LitWorld this summer because I wanted to get back in touch with why I decided to go to law school in the first place, which was to help kids get the best opportunities possible and all the support they need in order to achieve all their dreams.  I’ve missed working with kids and it’s been a real treat so far getting to know all the fantastic Story Power campers!

Today we started on our Identity theme for the week.  To kick it off we made acrostic poems using the campers names.  The campers came up with some fantastic words!
For the A in her name, Ana chose Ardent; forthe M in her name, Ny-Eama chose Musical; for the J in her name, Jada chose Joyful and for the N in his name, Hervin chose Non-Violent.  The campers thought long and hard about what qualities described them most and wrote out the poems using lots of color and imagination.

I had a lovely conversation about poems with Vanessa - she loves reading poetry!  Her favorite book is Where the Sidewalk Ends, by Shel Silverstein, which is one of my all time favorites too!  Vanessa loves how imaginative Shel’s poetry is, she said she loves taking the book out to her trampoline, reading the poems & then staring up into sky imagining all the fun, crazy things he talks about.  Her favorite poem from the book is “Sister for Sale” and her favorite line is: “One crying and spying young sister for sale!”  We agreed, though, that things would pretty dull & quiet without little sisters around!  Does anyone have any suggestions for another poetry book Vanessa might like?  Something along the lines of Where the Sidewalk Ends - funny, quirky, and fantastical?

- Carey