Story Power Camp Day 2, 11-12 year olds: Before and after we read

Today we focused on making predictions and reflecting about books. After practicing our hypothesizing and reflecting skills with The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle, each of the interns met with a smaller group to talk about the books that the campers checked out from the LitWorld library last week.

Dauntae checked out a book called The Boy Who Dared, the story of a Hitler Youth, and we talked all about World War II. I was pleased to find out that he had recently seen a play about the Holocaust and had absorbed many of the stories he learned. I hope he keeps reading about this topic, because it seems to interest him!

Another exciting moment was when Jalin discovered The Rose that Grew from Concrete, a book full of Tupac lyrics written in the handwriting of children. He liked the way the writing seemed more like text messaging, with “u” in place of “you,” and “2” for “two.” He read me a poem aloud and didn’t want to stop reading even when it was time for the final game of the day.

The discussions showed us that they are engaging with the books beyond the text. It will definitely be a good idea to incorporate more projects based on their independent reading!

- Jessie