Hearts Can Break with Joy and Sorrow: Day in Kisumu, Kenya

An extraordinarily moving day here in Kisumu, Kenya, on LitWorld's first visit here.

With many Girls LitClubs and our amazing partners the Millennium Cities Initiative we visited schools where girls are fighting often for their lives, their safety, their futures. We found story after story of the strength and courage the clubs have given them. The day was full of smiles and songs, poems and heartfelt passion for the power of words and stories. The girls face challenges that seem insurmountable: the grinding poverty itself, the lack of food, the men who prey on them, the families who insist they leave school to help at home, the lack of menstrual supplies, which cause so many of them to leave school at such a young age.

We have to move quickly to rally for these girls, and girls just like them all around the world.



- Pam