Camp Update with 11&12 Year Olds

Once again, the kids were fantastic! We did a quick name game (your name and superhero) to get started, and pretty soon we were chasing eachother around in Greg's "Looking for Work" game (played as if we were unemployed superheroes).

I have found that, however hard the games seem to explain, all of the kids pick it up within a few minutes of playing. We had some confused faces after just explaining it, but within two minutes, everyone got it. Even students that showed up late found it really easy to join in.

After our first games, we went inside to further the 'Heroes' theme. The highlight of these activities was letting the kids pick out "powers" from a bag, and then writing stories about how they would use them. The kids had a fun time, and produced some great stories!

The peak of the day was undoubtedly Darian Dauchan. The kids loved him! We played the "Czechoslovakia" game, watched some spoken word, and wrote stories. He had a great connection with the campers.

- Erik