Story Camp with 7&8 Year Olds: Superheroes and Real Life Heroes

Today was the first day of Heroes Week with our younger campers.  The kids immediately got excited about the heroes theme, inventing personal superpowers and creating their own superheroes.

As a special treat, spoken word artist Darian Dauchan visited the Polo Grounds. Darian taught us how to write praise poems, poems that celebrate an individual, and led an exercise that had everyone frantically writing about the people they admire most. Campers wrote about their personal heroes, and virtually everyone shared their work, telling us why their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, and best friends are heroes.

This exercise truly helped the kids see the similarities between superheroes and everyday role models, giving them a better sense of why they admire particular people in their lives.  I look forward to reinforcing this idea in our next session!

- Emily C