Story Camp 11&12: More Special Guests!

We had some very special guests today at camp! Pam and Bill came to meet the campers, and stayed to sing, play, read, and write with us. We showed them all the different kinds of games we’ve been playing over the month, and Pam shared a game she learned in Kenya called Zip, Zap, Zop.

After the games session, we went inside for a snack, and then met our second guest of the day, spiritchild. Spirit started out with a warm up—we each came up with a sound and then performed them, adding one voice in at a time, until we had a glorious melody. After this opening, he did incredible hip-hop workshop with our campers! We learned about the history of hip-hop, and then got to write and perform our own raps in pairs. Everyone worked well together—one person would come up with a line and then pass their notebook to their partner, who would continue the poem. It was amazing to see and hear the whole room buzzing with inspiration as the campers got their hip-hop sea legs.

It’s always exciting to have visitors at camp. Each guest brings with her or him special skills and ideas that inspire the students and staff both. The kids are so incredibly appreciative and genuinely enthused that people have taken time out of their lives to spend time at camp. As a staff, we couldn’t be more pleased—when visitors come and share their games, songs, and writing exercises, our own educational toolboxes expand. We love to take the things we learn from guests and add them to our daily plans! 

-Emily H.