Story Cam with 11&12 Year Olds: Cat and Mouse, Kwanzaa, and Tracing Faces!

We just returned from a wonderful Wednesday at Story Power Camp! Our morning began outside in the beautiful weather with our usual greetings and call-and-response songs, which woke up any remaining sleepy campers. After an hour, we filed inside, exhausted after so much running and laughing during our favorite game, "Cat and Mouse."

Once inside our rooms, we enjoyed a snack and a read-aloud of “Seven Spools of Thread: A Kwanzaa Story” by Angela Shelf Medearis. This led to a group discussion about the different ways we all celebrate. From holidays to food, had no idea how many different cultures and traditions could be represented in just one small classroom!

Next, we made our very own personal "profiles" by tracing the profiles of our faces onto construction paper, then filling them in with what is special to us such as our birthdays, best friends, favorite movies, and favorite books! I certainly feel like I left camp today having learned something new about each and every camper.