Story Power Camp with 7&8 Year Olds: buildOn Visits

Today was an especially exciting session! Visitors from buildOn, a nonprofit organization that organizes urban high school students to get involved in their communities, came to help with the camp. The high schoolers taught us some new games and immediately bonded with the campers.

After heading inside, the campers traced their profiles and wrote about their identities.  Because of our extra helpers we were able to give the kids lots of individualized attention.  
After the activity each of us paired up with a camper and read with them one on one.  This is always my favorite part of our day because the kids are so eager to read their books aloud.  Most rarely have the opportunity to have an adult truly listen to them and it's obvious how much they enjoy this time.  I love hearing them read because it brings out a new side to their personality, they calm down, focus, and open themselves up to sharing.
-Emily C.