Day 2 in Kibera: The Earnestness of Small Children

Today was a day of many high fives, lots of singing with the little ones, and seeing first hand just how wonderful our LitWorld leaders here are in their work with the children. It was also a day of trying to coax out difficult conversations, asking, do you have an idea of how could we ask this question more clearly? Which is hard for anyone to answer, but especially a group of sometimes-shy middle-schoolers.

I joined our leader Maureen, for a read aloud and writing session with a new group of friends from a nearby school. The read aloud had just the right number of opportunities to make lion noises and claw hands.

While I was with Maureen, Jen was trying out the student survey with a group of LitClub members. As expected, it was harder to gauge the responses of the children than with the leaders, but it went very well, they pointed us in helpful directions, and had really interesting responses.

I also had a very good meeting with our Kibera Regional Coordinator, Jeff. He is very excited about working to develop and pilot our GOAL program (Girls: Overcoming, Leading, Achieving) to support teen LitClub graduates in becoming college and career ready. I think they will be able to offer some more helpful insights tomorrow on what the gaps are that LitWorld can help fill with our unique and thoughtful approach.

This evening Jen and I prepared chock-full pencil cases for all of the graduates, to present to them on Saturday, organized our delivery of art supplies, games, and books, so we can replenish and fill out the library tomorrow. I told some of the LitClub girls that we were bringing new books for them and they got so lit up and wanted to know all the details about what kinds of books and how long they are and all those juicy details. Just pure enthusiasm and curiosity.


--Dorothy Lee, Creative Director, LitWorld