Day 3 in Kibera: The Deep Thoughts of the Mamas

Today followed a similar pattern to yesterday, but brought a new set of conversations to the forefront. We tried out different sections of the student survey, had a focus group with another group of children, had meetings with the leadership team, and visited the Power Women Moms LitClub.

The first meeting with the team was about the surveys, but led into a deep conversation about what success would look like and feel like as children complete 2 years of LitClub. They talked about the children taking on leadership roles in school, showing confidence, taking initiative, thinking outside the box about ways of overcoming their obstacles, being open minded. Things that the children are showing already, that can be strengthened as the program is strengthened.

I then had a check-in with the Power Women on how their Moms LitClub is going. They are so enthusiastic about making time to meet regularly each week, and about starting computer lessons. Many of them had never touched a computer before. They didn't know the names of the various parts of a computer before their first lesson at the Hub space. But they are so ready to learn it all.

One of the main things they talked about was wanting to share their vast knowledge about their crafts and also about how to avoid HIV and stay healthy and busy and working and strong. They want to mentor girls in the community who are at high risk of having their lives crushed by the harshness around them. Just think about that for a minute.

Here we are skyping with Yaya on Jeff's iPhone after the meeting, with great joy.

Tomorrow we'll have our celebration with the graduates and then I'll pack up and head off on my 24 hour journey home...

--Dorothy Lee, Creative Director, LitWorld