The Story of the Philippines LitCamp 2013


"But then we remember how important this joy is. Joy is such a key part of resilience - their laughter during Jigga Ja, their clapping during Baby shark, their giggles and hugs and jumping and high fives all speaks to just how strong and resilient these children are. In circumstances where so many of us would give up, they still find reasons to smile, and after childhoods that have not been childhoods at all, they still find the strength to share. Each and every one of them is inspiring. And that is what LitCamps and LitClubs provide - a sanctuary and joy for every child, and the opportunity to be the child they should be able to be."   
--Madison Graboyes, Global Community Builder 

Click here for photo highlights of the Philippines LitCamp, and follow the links below to read the LitCamp team's daily dispatches from the field. 

Day 1: Sweat and Smiles

Day 2: Camp Spirit

Day 3: Opening Up

Day 4: A Beautiful Mosaic of Personalities

Day 5: Rose, Bud, Thorn