Download a Free Activity to Capture Summer Memories

Four Square Memories is a simple art and writing activity that is beloved around the world by our LitCampers and LitClub members. Click here to download the worksheet.


This activity is a great way to get your children to reflect about their own stories and experiences. The process of filling in each square will help them develop a better sense of their own individuality as a storyteller and reader.

Start by looking at the worksheet with your child and explain that each square (My Family, My Friends, My Hobby, My Dream) represents a different part of her life. Then have her draw a picture in each box to illustrate the different parts of her life and write a brief sentence to summarize her drawing. (Longer written responses are always welcome and can be recorded on the other side of the sheet.)

Next, have your child repeat the activity. This time ask her to fill out the Four Square Memories sheet as if she were a character from a favorite book, or a book she has recently finished as part of the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge.

This fun twist is a great way to get your child thinking about the multidimensional lives of characters, and encourages close reading and critical thinking in a natural, creative way.

When your child has completed these drawings, ask her to share the content of each square. Which square did she enjoy drawing the most? Which square was more challenging than the rest?

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