Meet Regional WRADvocate Kevin Simpson!

Kevin Simpson is the Founder of Know.Do.Serve.Learn (KDSL) and EdCamp Dubai. EdCamps are self-organized "un-conferences" that bring forward-thinking educators together to network, share ideas, and teach one another.

We asked Kevin why he celebrates World Read Aloud Day, and this is what he had to say:

Son: I can go anywhere.

Mother: How?

Son: By reading.

This is a chat my mother reminds me of having while I was an elementary school student. Reading lots, and reading often is a vivid memory I have from my childhood.

Why do I celebrate World Read Aloud Day? I celebrate it because reading is so important. How do students learn to read? One way is having effective reading mentors. These are individuals who can model what readers do and what they practice. As a classroom teacher I always asked my students at the start of the year, "What do good readers do?" If no one said "read aloud," then I would add this to our chart. I still believe I can go anywhere in the world by reading a book. Children can go anywhere. Adults can go anywhere.  Read lots, read often, and read aloud.