Fundraising WRADvocate Kim LaCroix Donates Book Sales to LitWorld

Meet an extraordinary Fundraising WRADvocate, Kim LaCroix, an educator and author from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Kim's first book, The Inspired Vacation Journal  has just been released, and she reached out to us with a kind and generous offer. This week, Saturday February 9 through Saturday February 16, 10% of all sales of The Inspired Vacation Journal and Pencil Packs will go directly to LitWorld!

The Inspired Vacation Journal is a way to capture some of the best memories with your kids, while helping them practice an important life skill: writing.This travel journal gives your child structured and meaningful writing prompts to engage their senses. But unlike a diary, this journal is meant to be shared with the whole family. It’s carefully designed to help you connect with your kids, and, it’s powered by fun! Learn more about this one-of-a-kind book here.

Kim has made children her career and focus for more than a decade - working in the field of special education with kids who face many challenges. Her life's mission is to help kids reach their full potential. To become as successful and independent as they possibly can - no matter what life hands them. To learn more about Kim, visit her at