Heroic Acts of Reading Aloud

World Read Aloud Day is a day to connect with another person through the joy of reading together. A time for the entire community to get involved and make reading visible. Here are some of the exciting ways our network of international LitClubs and WRADvocate Partners and Ambassadors plan to Read It Forward on World Read Aloud Day.

The elders of a LitClub community in Kisumu, Kenya, received a free eye care clinic in preparation for World Read Aloud Day, so that all community members can see and share words on March 6. The LitClubs, which run through the Golden Girls Foundation, were on hand to read aloud to the elders of their community while they waited in line.

Our partners in Monterrey Mexico are gathering outside City Hall to read aloud their favorite books in English and Spanish for all community members to enjoy.

Classrooms from all over the world will connect and read aloud to each other thanks to this incredible Skype in the Classroom event!

There are many, many, more celebrations happening around the world. Share your plans with us, tweet to @litworldsays and post on our Facebook timeline. We thank our extraordinary, outstanding community of literacy activists for reminding communities everywhere that reading aloud is joyful and that stories truly, truly matter.